Top 10 Reasons to Advertise on Island 1069

And the top 10 reasons to advertise on Island 106.9 FM

10.Businesses that advertise are successful. Businesses that don’t advertise often seem to fail. List businesses in your market that aren’t around anymore. Many times you’ll find they were small or ineffectual advertisers. Advertising is vitally essential to survival and growth.

9.Advertising strengthens and maintains your image. In a troubled economy, you must project confidence, reputation and reliability. Continue to communicate positively with the consumer.

8.Radio goes where you go, and it goes where your customers go. Whether it’s in the home, in the car or on the boat, radio is portable and FREE. You can take radio anywhere (and listen to the music and messages) … and no cable costs!

7.People have new wants and needs every day. The market is in constant change. New people are moving here every day. If you don’t keep advertising, you miss new opportunities.

6.Advertising in a troubled economy gives you a sharp advantage over competitors who mistakenly cancel or cut back their advertising. With radio advertising, you pull ahead of competitors and stay there.

5.A radio commercial stands alone. When your message hits the airwaves, you have no competition for the time you are on air!

4.Advertising must be continuous. People forget fast. They’re bombarded with 1,000s of impressions and ideas daily. What are the statistics about how fast people forget? It used to be that something like 80% forget a message in 24 hours. But I forget.

3.Radio is cost effective. Radio can be tailored to suit most budgets, no matter how large or small.

2.Radio is immediate. You may have something special to tell your customers, so tell them now. Why wait for next week’s deadline?

1.You can’t afford NOT to advertise on Island 106.9 FM.

To Advertise on Island 107 call (305)296.1069

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